We provide Perl Software Development Services for legacy and new systems

Looking for Perl Programmers?

Experienced Perl Developers

What do the team do?

We love Perl!
We do new software development and support existing systems.
We can help protect your investment in Perl software and further develop it for the future. Although we love Perl we can also port systems to another language if required (e.g., Raku, Javascript, Go Lang etc).

Who is on the team?

No rockstars! Just highly experienced and professional Perl programmers who work well with any team: good people who do good work.

Who is leading the team?

Nigel Hamilton is a former university lecturer in computer science with over 20 years experience as a Perl programmer and tech lead. A certified scrum master and advocate of lean software development he helps CEOs and CTOs deliver early and often.

Where is the team?

Nigel Hamilton is based in Bath in the UK. The rest of the team is distributed around the world: United Kingdom, USA and Europe.

How do you work?

We work with you onsite for the first couple of weeks and then remotely with daily progress reports. Depending on the requirements of the project up to 10 highly experienced Perl developers can join to help out.

How much do you charge?

We work on a flat hourly rate per team member or on a project basis with regular deliverables.

How do you see us working together?

We're flexible, fast learning and helpful. Enter your contact details below to discuss how we can help.

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