We build lean Web Services + Applications for start ups and established businesses

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Agile + Lean Software Development

We work with you to provide full-stack solutions from design to deployment and continual delivery. We help founders, incubators, CEOs, CTOs, service owners, architects and delivery managers innovate by delivering early and often.

Nigel Hamilton + TEAM

We are a distributed team of lean software developers led by Nigel Hamilton. Nigel has 25 years experience as an agile tech lead and lean start up founder. Based in Bath, he helps startups and established businesses innovate to maximise 'learning and earning'.

Taking a lean approach means focussing on the essential next steps for starting a business or new project and iterating quickly to the next pivot point. This saves time and money and quickly evolves into a system that delivers value and business growth.

Complex problems >> Simple Solutions

We understand and help prioritise your problem(s) quickly to start delivering valuable solutions.

Agile approach

The code must flow!
Our lean team works across timezones providing continuous delivery and deployment.

Innovation & Invention

Awarded by the British Computer Society (BCS) for innovation in services.

Low overheads

The team is distributed and work transparently. Cloud solutions are built to keep costs low.

Happy to Help

We enjoy the process of innovation and creating commercially valuable systems. The team loves finding productive flow and we make continual improvements to help solve your problems.

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