TxAuth Name Game

This is a collection of name suggestions for what is currently referred to as TxAuth. Candidates are sorted by best meeting the objective criteria. Being descriptive of the protocol is also a required criteria, but subjective.

Suggested Name No ™ [1] No ® [2] Googlable [3] Expanded Acronym
AAuthZ Alternative Authorization Protocol (AAuthZ)
AZARAP AuthoriZation And Resource Access Protocol
AZARP AuthoriZed Access to Resources Protocol
BeBAuthZ Back-end Based Authorization Protocol
BYOAuthZ Build-Your-Own Authorization Protocol
CIOAuth Client Intent Origin Auth
CompAuthZ Componentized Authorization Protocol
CPAAP Comprehensive Privileged Authentication Authorization Protocol
CTAP Comprehensive Token Access Protocol
DAZARAP Delegated AuthoriZation And Resource Access Protocol
DisAuthZ Dismembered Authorization Protocol
DIYAuthZ Do-It-Yourself Authorization Protocol
GATAR Grant Authorization To Access Resources
GNAP Grant Negotiation and Authorization Protocol
GranPro GRAnt Negotiation Protocol
IDPAuthZ Intent Driven Protocol for Authorization
NIRAD Negotiation of Intent Registration and Authority Delegation
PAuthZ Protocol for Authorization
ReAuthZ Reimagined Authorization Protoco
RefAuthZ Refactored Authorization Protocol
TIAAP Tokenized Identity and Access Protocol
TIARP Tokenized Identity and Access Resource Protocol
TIDEAuth Transference via Intent Driven Extension Auth
Trust via Intent Driven Extension Auth
TIDYAuth Transference via Intent Driven Yield Auth
Trust via Intent Driven Yield Auth
TIEAuth Transference via Intent Extension Auth
Trust via Intent Extension Auth
TINOA This Is Not OAuth
txauth Testable eXtensible Authorisation
Truly eXtensible Authorisation
xauthz eXtensible authoriZation protocol

Suggested Name No ™ [1] No ® [2] Googlable [3] Expanded Acronym
CIAP Comprehensive Identity Access Protocol
CIDAuth Client Intent Driven Auth
DAuth Declarative Authorization Protocol
ezauth Extensible Authorization (i.e., easy auth)
IAAP Identity Authenticated Authorization Protocol
IDAuth Intent Driven Auth
IDDP Intent Driven Delegation Protocol
ITAP Identity Token Access Protocol
NADIR Negotiation of Authority Delegation and Intent Registration
NgAuth Negotiated Authorization Protocol
PAAP Privilege Authorization Access Protocol
PAZ Protocol for AuthoriZation
TAAP Tokenized Authorization Attestation Protocol
TIAP Tokenized Identity and Access Protocol
TINTO This Is NoT OAuth
RIAP Restrictive Identity Access Protocol
UPTA Unique Protocol Token Authorization
xauth eXtensible delegated Authorization protocol
YAAP Yet Another Authorization Protocol
  1. no confusion with another protocol, major software project ™, or IETF/IRTF WG name
  2. no existing registered trademarks ® in international classes: 9, 16, 36, 41, 42
  3. less than 1 million hits on Google
  4. not an offensive meaning to a member of the mail list

Ideally the new name for the protocol should also have the following features:

Please email your suggestion(s) to txauth@ietf.org and I will add it to the list for consideration.